Church of Peace

The imposing Church of Piece is located not far from the east entrance “Green Grid” of the Sanssouci Park. In only three years of construction, 1845 to 1848, the three-nave columned basilica and its large Maryl Garden were built. An artificial pond was created only for the church. The sacral passage in the round-arch style gives the impression of an early Christian monastery.
In fact, the building is based on a copper engraving of the San Clement Church in Rome. Ludwig Persius, court architect of Friedrich Wilhelm IV., designed the building according to the ideas of his king. After Persius’ death shortly after the laying of the foundation stone, Friedrich August Stüler took over the management until the opening in 1848.
The interior of the Chruch of Peace is captivated by an original preserved Christian mosaic from the 13th century and the mausoleum in which several kings, including Frederick William IV, are buried.


Church of Peace
Am Grünen Gitter 3
14469 Potsdam


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